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Removing banking barriers and developing cooperation in energy area was among the top issues in agreements between Iran and Indonesia

According to the report by public relations center of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Darmin Nasotiun, the Indonesian Minister of Economic Coordination,  after meeting Dr. Vaezi, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, talked on his travel to Iran along with a delegation of public and private foundations and said: Deputy Minister of Energy and Natural Resources and Ambassador of Indonesia, as well as directors of public and private companies will attend and we do our best to act for enhancing economic goals of the two countries.  Referring to his meeting with Oil Minister, Science and Technology Vice President, head of Central bank , he added that: the national oil company of Indonesia as the most experienced company in Indonesia oil industry is interested in attending at development of Ab Teymori sand Mansouri filed in Iran, which in this regards we have had talks with Oil Minister and National Iran Oil company.   Minister of economic c ... Read More

Introduction of the Organization Introduction of the Organization

Considering the ever-increasing need of the country to construct and develop the computer networks and the connections between them and finally, to connect these networks to the international networks, and in order to establish necessary communication infrastructures for realizing these goals, and also in order to get access to information sources, Information Technology Organization of Iran began its services as a subset of Ministry of ICT in 1998. At the same time, with the change of the name of the Ministry of Post, Telegraph and Telephone into the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology in 2005, some changes occurred in the subordinate companies. On this basis, the identity of the Data Communication Center changed during the summer of 2006 and its name changed into the Data Communication Company. During the summer of 2007, considering the developments in the targets and missions of the company, its name changed into “Information Technology Organization” in 2008... Read More