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130 Thousands Access Points Connect to the National Information Networ

130,000 access points belonging to the government executive apparatus have been connected to the National Information Network and preparing infrastructures, the remaining sections are ready to be connected soon.

“According to the 5th Development Plan, all the executive apparatus must be connected to the National Information Network, before the end of second year of the plan,” said Eng. Hakim Javadi in a statement delivered in an specialized conference on Iran’s development.

“At the same time, provincial data Centers are being deployed in order to provide the ground for provincial data exchanging,” he added.

“On the other hand, with cooperation between provinces and the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, an ICT roadmap has been developed for 31 provinces based on the Vision Document.

According to the statement, technical infrastructures are ready now and e-government services have been determined. “Based on the model designed for e-services development, it’s now possible to offer services to the public, using private sector’s capabilities,” added Eng. Hakim Javadi.

It is believed that “the Electronic Iran” will be realized at the end of the First Five-year Development Plan and during the second Five- year plan all the services will be integrated to provide the apparatuses with information sharing services.

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