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E-Learning Laboratory Inaugurates at the University of Tehran

The e-learning laboratory inaugurated at University of Tehran, in the presence of the of the Ministry of Communication, the Ministry of Education, and The Tehran University authorities. This laboratory has been launched based on a Memorandum of Understanding between the ITO and the University of Tehran for conducting e-learning projects.

The objective of this project is to establish a laboratory for new e-learning technologies in the University of Tehran and to use the scientific capacity and the research potentiality of this leading prestigious university.

This laboratory is supposed to prepare the grounds for e-learning research projects in the country based on the plans of ICT working group, executive apparatus such as the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology and the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. 

This laboratory will be able to cooperate with the ITO in the related field and as has been mentioned in the letter of understanding, it is supposed to conduct the pilot stage of the National E-learning Network launching with the cooperation of the ITO, as its first mission.

Some of the objectives of this lab are as follow: to implement the proper framework extendable to other educational centers of the country, to educate the skilled manpower for the e-learning field, to offer consulting services on the e-learning field,to the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. 


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