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E-banking Security Incidents Conference Held

National experts have analyzed security incidents and emergency response trends safeguarding the organizational portals and e-banking services, in a conference, with attendance of more than 150 members of the CERT Comprehensive Interactional System

“Some of the topics discussed in the conference included: ‘getting to know the security challenges of organizations’ networks and portals and the trends of responses to the incidents’, ‘to analyze the vulnerabilities of digital certificates and related security solutions’, ‘to analyze e-banking malware’s operation’, ‘to identify common vulnerabilities and threats and related security solutions’, ‘cybercrimes and identifying and confronting the strategies’ reported the ICT correspondent.

During this conference, a report was submitted by the CERT experts containing some information on the operation procedures and services offered to the 1600 members of the CERT Comprehensive Interactional System.


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