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The Conceptual model of the National Information Network Inaugurates

Based on the Article 46, Paragraph A of the 5th Development Plan, the conceptual model for the National Information Network will be designed.

“This network will be created in order to extend the electronic services and to increase the productivity in all areas including the economic and social fields,“said Eng. Hakim Javadi in the inauguration ceremony of the National Network of Schools and the Scientific Network of the country.

According to Eng. Hakim Javadi, this network connects the universities, seminaries and research centers to each other, and this is the first network basing on IPV6. It has the capabilities to work with IPV4 too. The scientific network provides the ground for sharing the resources. In addition, it makes it possible to hold virtual classes and distance education for medical science universities.

Iranian experts have designed this network and the private sector has played a great role in this project. The Ministry for Communication and Information Technology plays as the ruling and regulatory body and it monitors and manages the launching process of the network done by the private sector. Another project inaugurated at this ceremony was the project for connecting 32000 schools to the Schools’ Network. According to the Head of the Information Technology Organization, the number of schools will reach to 35000 before April 2012, and it will reach to 70000 schools until the April 2013. NEWS SOURCE : ITC

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