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Iran-Thailand to Form a Joint Working Group

Regarding the potentials of the two countries in software and hardware production areas, joint working groups will be formed in order to use the existing capacities.

In a meeting with his Thai counterpart in Asia Pacific Summit sideline talks in Thailand, Dr. Vaezi, the ICT Minister, expressed gratitude toward Thai government for hosting the submit. Referring to the good ties between the two countries, Dr. Vaezi stated that Iran and Thailand have good grounds for expanding cooperation.
“Thailand has a good capacity and has gained great achievements in hardware and telecom equipment productions,” he added. 
“Based on the two countries’ achievements, it is now possible to establish joint production working groups,” mentioning Iran’s existing potentials for running software projects, Dr. Vaezi said. 

the ICT Minister of Thailand also thanked the active presence of IR Iran in the related meetings and welcomed mutual cooperation. “It is necessary to form the secondary working groups so the two countries can exchange their experiences in telecom systems as well as cyber security which are both critical issues,’ he added.

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