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Mobile and e-government project

Mobile and e-government project was followed up for accessing the public to high quality services and information as well as increasing the clarity, preventing the corruption and making the economy safer by dividing the goals in two main sections. First, the section of infrastructure for integration and transient into second generation of e-government in parallel with implementing these standards and making all government services electronic by all executive organizations, in the section of infrastructures for e-government, Iranian Information Technology Organization 18 hat taken fundamental actions in two sections of legal infrastructures and technical infrastructures detailed as below:

Legal Infrastructure:
1-    Preparing, approving and noticing the general roadmap for e-government
As a strategic document for e-government development

2-    Preparing, approving and noticing the technical executive standards for e-government development
As a guideline for executive organizations for convergence and balanced development in e-government

3-    Instructions for evaluating the portals of executive organizations as well as continuously assessing the situation of turning the services of executive organizations into electronic status
4-    Modifying the management and leadership structure of e-government development
5-    Preparing the pattern for determining the tariffs and quotation for e-government services
Because e-products and services are considered as intangible goods, this project will prepare a model for calculating the tariff and price of e-services for creating the competitive infrastructures and attracting the trusts for investment of private sector for presence in the businesses for providing e-services transferred by the government.

6-    Investigating and preparing the plans and actions for e-government development, stressing on the structure of public and non-public sectors participation (PPP)
7-    Preparing and approving the guideline for development of information technology and telecommunication usage
8-    Preparing the Iranian Intelligent Government Document

Technical Infrastructures:
9-    Preparing the Iranian e-services interactivity framework (IGIF) document
Iranian Government Interactivity Framework (IGIF) is a project while operationalizing the framework and interactivity standard between organizations possessing main database of the country, will cause all national executive organizations to interact providing compatible e-services in the platform of national information network focusing on national databases on National Information Sharing Center.

10-    Preparing the National Organizational Architecture and Framework Document
The structure of reference models for e-government architecture has been prepared nationally aiming to provide the platform for recreating the government using IT and Telecommunication and also 6 national organizational architecture labs have been just established in the country.

11-    Providing the Pilot for Government Service Bus (GSB) System
GSB is in fact a common platform in which for facilitating the share of government’s heterogeneous information, there has been designed software and hardware interfacing systems with integrated structure to share information among government organization securely and in the least possible time. Currently, the national GSB has been launched and 120 services out of 11 executive organizations are provided on this platform.

12-    Creating and Operating Intelligent National Service Port, Iran.gov.ir
Intelligent National Service Port has been established by the purpose of standardization and integrated management for providing the public with e-services and moving towards service-oriented architecture. Creation of public services sector- providing English version for public pages- creating a service specific for disabled people- creating public sector for final government services and connecting 30 general inquiry services in the national port are among other capabilities of this port.

13-    Establishing Iranian National Box Office (E-Box)
It is an integrated and attributable channel with secure platform that could be accessible from everywhere. This route provides the public with delivering the service output. Designing and launching phase 1 of Iranian National E-Box for sending the public and general notices to real and legal persons in the country. Development of phase 2 of the system for document management system- DMS and creating the single sign on (SSO) for accessing to public services are being designed.

14-    Deploying the Pilot for National Free Data Encoding System in the address Data.gov.ir
15-    Preparing and designing the model for Mobile Government Platform
Designing and launching the prototype for Mobile Government Platform in the country for providing public and general services on intelligent mobile tools including:
•    Designing and launching the Lab for Assessing the Applicable Programs by Public Organizations and institutes;
•    Providing the certified applicable programs for government services by designed platform application market;
•    Directly providing the e-services of public organizations by created software platform;
•    Providing government services by value added platforms, mobile phones including message and USSD.

16-    Establishing the Portal for Information Sharing, Publish and Free Access to Information
17-    Center for Empowering and Facilitating the Startup Business, FAWA
This center has been established by the purpose of providing the coordination and effective interaction between members of FAWA startup business ecosystem by the support of Iranian Information Technology Organization.
In the second part, for coordinating between organizations and acceleration for turning the services provided by executive organizations electronic, by presence in the strategic committees and coordination between organizations like Commission for Development of e-government and technical team, this organization has prepared instructions and executive notices for development of e-government.

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